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Rumors can finally be put to rest. It has now been confirmed that the new Glock models 41 and 42 will be revealed at the 2014 SHOT Show and that they are, indeed, a long-slide .45 ACP and single-stack .380 ACP, respectively.
As reported here on Digital Journal a few weeks ago, there have been a lot of rumors on gun blogs and forums over the last several months regarding the possibility of two new Glock models to be released at the 2014 SHOT show in Las Vegas this month. Until recently, most of the talk regarding the two new pistols was just hype based on a few rumors, some leaked photos, and a few premature posts on some retailer websites. But it looks like those who said it was all bogus will now have to eat their words, as the release of the two new Glocks has been confirmed.
Glock 41 (Long slide .45 ACP) – The Glock model 41 will, indeed, be a longslide .45 ACP as many predicted based on the premature posts on retailer websites. The gun will be much like the practical/tactical models 34 and 35 but don’t get too excited; if you’re expecting a practical/tactical version of the Glock 21 this might not be exactly what you had in mind. According to an exclusive report on Guns & Ammo, the Glock 41 will basically be a model 34 slide on a model 21 frame. In other words, the frame will be wide and bulky like the .45 ACP and 10mm Glocks we’ve come to know and love while the slide will be the same width as that of a 34, 35, or any of the other 9mm/.40 S&W Glocks. Glock did something similar to this with their model 30S, putting a 36 slide on a 30 frame.

Another interesting thing about the model 41 is that, according to the pictures shown in the Guns & Ammo report, it does not have a compensated slide. The other practical/tactical Glocks (the models 34 and 35) have a piece of the slide hollowed out on top to reduce the weight. The 41, however, will not need this due to the fact that the weight is already reduced by having a thinner slide.
Glock 42 (Single Stack .380 ACP) – A lot of enthusiasts have been pushing for a single stack Glock but this isn’t what most of them had in mind. Rather than releasing a single stack 9mm like many people have wanted for years, they have decided to release a single stack .380 ACP. The Glock 42 will apparently be the smallest Glock yet with an overall length of 5.94 inches, a width of .94 inches, and a weight of only 12 ounces. It will hold six rounds of .380 in the magazine (plus one in the chamber) and, unlike all of the other third and fourth generation Glocks, will not have finger grooves. Despite being the smallest Glock, however, it definitely won’t be quite as small as some of the other .380 pistols available on the market, such as the tiny Ruger LCP and the Kel-Tec 3AT. Many believe (and hope) that this is because Glock plans to use the same frame design for other calibers in the future, possibly rolling out a 9mm and .40 S&W single stack in a model 43 and 44 sometime soon.

While they have confirmed the release of the models 41 and 42, there has been no official word from Glock yet regarding the model 40. Many are assuming that the rumors of Glock skipping the model 40 for fear that it might be confused with a .40 caliber are true. Although nothing is set in stone. Perhaps Glock is just keeping the model 40 a secret? Only time will tell. But rest assured; All of the new Glock models will most definitely be flying off the shelves.

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