Introductory Pistol Safety/Cleaning

$60 2 hours


Smith & Son Armory, LLC will be hosting a pistol safety and intro to pistol class on several dates from 6-8 PM. The class will cost $60 per student with a $25 deposit. It will be located at our range facility. “Becoming a competent shooter requires mastering the basics — to the point that they become practically instinct. With the help of the National Rifle Association, we’ve detailed the shooting fundamentals below. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an introduction to shooting or an experienced marksman reviewing your for, we can help quite a bit with both.”  We will also cover field stripping and cleaning.  Please being an unloaded pistol with you to class.  If you do not have one, that is okay as well.


What You’ll Learn:

-gun and range safety rules
-different types of pistols and actions
-how to fit a pistol and which one is best for you
-the basics of ammunition
-the fundamentals of pistol shooting
-different shooting positions
-the most common shooting errors
-proper gun cleaning and maintenance
-how to practice, sharpen and maintain your skills


What You’ll Need:

-handgun and cleaning kit (can be purchased if necessary)